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BHP’s principal activities are divided into three segments:

  • Copper
    Mining of copper, silver, zinc, molybdenum, uranium and gold
  • Iron Ore
    Mining of iron ore
  • Coal
    Mining of metallurgical coal and energy coal

BHP report their financial statements in US Dollars.

Comparative Analysis

Income Statement

($ Millions)20212022+/- ($)+/- (%)
Less: Cost of Goods Sold13,272.014,692.01,420.010.7%
Gross Profit47,545.050,406.02,861.06.0%
Less: Operating Costs21,639.016,300.0-5,339.0-24.7%
Operating Profit25,906.034,106.08,200.031.7%
Less: Financing Costs1,305.0969.0-336.0-25.7%
Profit Before Tax24,601.033,137.08,536.034.7%
Less: Income Tax11,150.010,737.0-413.0-3.7%
Net Profit13,451.022,400.08,949.066.5%

Balance Sheet

($ Millions)20212022+/- ($)+/- (%)
Current Assets26,693.028,664.01,971.07.4%
Non Current Assets82,234.066,502.0-15,732.0-19.1%
Total Assets108,927.095,166.0-13,761.0-12.6%
Current Liabilities16,403.016,919.0516.03.1%
Non Current Liabilities36,919.029,481.0-7,438.0-20.1%
Total Liabilities53,322.046,400.0-6,922.0-13.0%

Cash Flow Statement

($ Millions)20212022+/- ($)+/- (%)
Cash Flow from Operating Activities27,234.032,174.04,940.018.1%
Cash Flow from Investing Activities-7,845.0-6,959.0886.0-11.3%
Cash Flow from Financing Activities-17,922.0-22,767.0-4,845.027.0%
Net Cash Flow1,467.02,448.0981.066.9%
Foreign Exchange Movements353.0-458.0-811.0-229.7%
Cash at the Beginning of the Period13,426.015,246.01,820.013.6%
Cash at the End of the Period15,246.017,236.01,990.013.1%

Ratio Analysis


Gross Margin78.2%77.4%-0.7%
Operating Margin42.6%52.4%9.8%
Net Margin22.1%34.4%12.3%



Industry Group

Management Effectiveness

Current Ratio1.61.70.1
Debt to Equity Ratio1.01.0-0.0
Return on Assets12.3%23.5%11.2%
Return on Equity24.2%45.9%21.7%



Industry Group


 20212022+/- ($,#) +/- (%)
Share Price$28.45$28.38-$0.07-0.2%
Ordinary Shares (Millions)5,0625,06200.0%
Market Value ($ Millions)$144,023.09$143,668.73-$354.36-0.2%
Dividends per Share$1.56$3.53$1.97125.9%
Dividend Yield5.5%12.4% 6.9%
Revenue per Share$12.01$12.86$0.857.0%
Earnings per Share$2.66$4.42$1.7766.5%
Equity per Share$10.98$9.63-$1.35-12.3%
Price to Sales Ratio2.42.2-0.2 
Price to Earnings Ratio10.76.4-4.3 
Price to Book Ratio2.62.90.4 

Until January 2022, BHP Group was dual listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and the London Stock Exchange (LSE). To ensure the ratios work in USD, the valuation was calculated like so:

BHP Group Ltd (ASX)
Ordinary Shares2,950,251,3945,062,323,190
Share Price (AUD)48.5741.25
Market Value (AUD)143,293,710,207208,820,831,588
USD / AUD0.75140.6880
Market Value (USD)107,670,893,849143,668,732,132
BHP Group Plc (LSE)
Ordinary Shares2,112,071,796 
Share Price (GBP)23.83 
Market Value (GBP)50,330,670,899 
USD / GBP0.7224 
Market Value (USD)36,358,876,657 
Total Market Value



Industry Group

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