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TPG Telecom Limited

TPG Telecom Limited divide their activity into two segments. First, they provide telecommunications services to residential and small business customers. Second, they provide telecommunications services to corporate, government and wholesale customers. Mobile small business customers are categorised as corporate.

Comparative Analysis

Income Statement

($ Millions)20212022+/- ($)+/- (%)
Less: Cost of Goods Sold3,234.02,987.0-247.0-7.6%
Gross Profit2,104.02,866.0762.036.2%
Less: Operating Costs1,796.02,120.0324.018.0%
Operating Profit308.0746.0438.0142.2%
Less: Financing Costs149.0187.038.025.5%
Profit Before Tax159.0559.0400.0251.6%
Less: Income Tax49.046.0-3.0-6.1%
Net Profit110.0513.0403.0366.4%

Balance Sheet

($ Millions)20212022+/- ($)+/- (%)
Current Assets833.01,033.0200.024.0%
Non Current Assets18,353.018,333.0-20.0-0.1%
Total Assets19,186.019,366.0180.00.9%
Current Liabilities1,667.01,732.065.03.9%
Non Current Liabilities5,801.05,734.0-67.0-1.2%
Total Liabilities7,468.07,466.0-2.0-0.0%

Cash Flow Statement

($ Millions)20212022+/- ($)+/- (%)
Cash Flow from Operating Activities1,627.01,251.0-376.0-23.1%
Cash Flow from Investing Activities-920.0-97.0823.0-89.5%
Cash Flow from Financing Activities-625.0-1,242.0-617.098.7%
Net Cash Flow82.0-88.0-170.0-207.3%
Foreign Exchange Movements0.
Cash at the Beginning of the Period120.0202.082.068.3%
Cash at the End of the Period202.0114.0-88.0-43.6%

Ratio Analysis


Gross Margin39.4%49.0%9.6%
Operating Margin5.8%12.7%7.0%
Net Margin2.1%8.8%6.7%



Industry Group

Management Effectiveness

Current Ratio0.50.60.1
Debt to Equity Ratio0.60.6-0.0
Return on Assets0.6%2.6%2.1%
Return on Equity0.9%4.3%3.4%



Industry Group


 20212022+/- ($,#) +/- (%)
Share Price$5.89$4.89-$1.00-17.0%
Ordinary Shares (Millions)1,8591,85900.0%
Market Value ($ Millions)$10,951.52$9,092.18-$1,859.34-17.0%
Dividends per Share$0.15$0.17$0.0212.8%
Dividend Yield2.6%3.6% 0.9%
Revenue per Share$2.87$3.15$0.289.6%
Earnings per Share$0.06$0.28$0.22366.4%
Equity per Share$6.30$6.40$0.101.6%
Price to Sales Ratio2.11.6-0.5 
Price to Earnings Ratio99.617.7-81.8 
Price to Book Ratio0.90.8-0.2 



Industry Group

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