Nice Economics

Nice Economics is the site that I want to see. Fundamental analysis of companies listed on the ASX. What's different here is that I compare companies against each other in their indices, sectors, and industry groups.

I'm treating this site as a work-in-progress. I'm updating company data by transcribing individual company's financial statements. First, I take seventeen data points for each company in each year. Second, from these seventeen data points, I make forty reporting points. Next, I aggregate the companies with their peers. Then, I compare each company to the average of the aggregate through a system of charts. To keep matters simple, I am using S&P Indices, and the GICS Industry Methodology to form peer groups.

I am aware that there are plenty of finance and economics blogs already available. I've always found that they lack curation, a dump of someone else's data mashed into a table. Most other sites license a little bit of data, and show at most three years. I report ten years at a time, which should be enough to show each company through good times and bad.

What I am ultimately trying to achieve, is to make sense of the numbers. A company with a PE Ratio of 14, is nearly meaningless on its own. Is that a good ratio? A bad ratio? A one-off for this year?

Join me here on my site as I answer the questions I want answered. I will be posting commentary and opinion of interesting market announcements. I will be putting pen to paper and writing feature length articles about economic policy with an Australian flavour. Most importantly I will add more and more company's annual reports.

~ Travis Nice